The 12 Days of a Woman Who Codes

Ways you can change the world through programming.

Hours of coding to fix a critical bug the day before a release.

Crashes the customer sees compared to your none; along with 10 passing unit tests.

Lines of code cleverly refactored to 1 then refactored back to 9 to make your code readable again.

Cries and thoughts of quitting because I’m exhausted of being the only woman.

 Inspirational women programmers to learn about:

Ada Lovelace    Grace Hopper    Mary G. Ross    Annie Easley

Anita Borg        Ginni Rometty    Regina Honu

Manpslains – Yes I know Ada is a programming language.  No my daughter is not named after a programming language.  She is named after the person.

X Guilt (mom guilt) compared to my husband (no dad guilt) for being a working mom.

Times I repeat myself so I’m heard over the other developers.

Men who have the same brilliant idea after I just said it.

Women waiting in line for the bathroom at a Developer Conference.

Girl in the room full of developers.

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