These Boots Were Made for Walking

I have a pair of boots.  They are not the sexiest or most fashionable boots ever, but I’m also not the sexiest or the most fashionable person ever so we fit together pretty well.  To be completely honest, my fashion sense is lacking.  However, when I wear these boots, especially with one dress in particular, I feel like I can take over the world.  When I wear this outfit I feel much like Nancy Sinatra.

Although I lack some fashion sense, I do have a few outfits that I just feel really good in.  When I was in college and interviewing for jobs I wore the typical business suit.  The problem is that I do not feel nearly as comfortable and confident in my fancy business suit as I do in my boots and dress.  My boots and dress fit my personality perfectly.  They make me feel feminine and strong, much more feminine than wearing a pants or skirt suit and much more powerful.

After meeting Michelle and following her posts for the past 2 years I am just starting to grasp how important it is for me to choose what to wear each day.  Choosing clothes that make me feel good is important because they are expressing a part of myself.

Until recently I was afraid of looking too nice.  What if I stood out?  What if I was noticed too much?  What if people thought I was conceited or materialistic because of the way I dressed?  As a result of these fears I dressed in a way that failed to express who I am and in fact disempowered me.  I’m slowly improving my wardrobe and I have been amazed how changing from sneakers, jeans and t-shirt to boots and dress can boost my internal confidence.

Some days I still wear sneakers, jeans and a t-shirt.  The difference is that I choose to wear them to match what I’m feeling and I feel comfortable enough with me to dress up some days too, especially when I need that extra power boost.

What clothes make you know what you are going to do?

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