The Art of Saying No

Children force you to rethink your priorities.  I have optimized and organized and still never have enough time.  I am a do-er and a learner by nature; there is so much I want to do and be.  But I can't do it all right now and still be a great mom, my number one priority. ... Continue Reading →

Confession: I’m Too Polite

To change our unconscious biases we not only need to change our thought patterns, but we need to change our actions and reactions.  These are the interactions we have been practicing our whole lives, and at least for me, are deeply ingrained in how I interact at work and in society. A couple of weeks... Continue Reading →

Unconscious Bias

Don't blink.  Things aren't always what they seem. Unconscious bias is like a mind bug.  Your brain needs to make assumptions to process and interpret the inputs it receives; however, these assumptions and interpretations often can show biases.  There can be a lot of value in listening to your first impression or instinct, as discussed... Continue Reading →

Imposter Mom

I'm not a real mom. A lot has been written about the Imposter Syndrome.  To simplify the work of several psychologists, the imposter syndrome refers to people who cannot realize their accomplishments and constantly feel like they are not good enough and are going to be found out.  This is especially true for high-achieving women... Continue Reading →

Women in Tech… Who Cares?

Is the dearth of women in technology really a problem?  Do technology fields actually need more women?  If it is a problem, what can we do? Last week I attended RMCWIC and co-presented a birds of a feather session.  Prior to presenting we researched answers to these questions.  During the talk we asked the audience... Continue Reading →

Techies Diversify!

As I blogged about previously, I became a software engineer largely because of other intelligent and strong women I met throughout my life.  Based on these experiences, I believe that women role models and mentors are the key to recruiting more women to technology.  In my experience, the women do not necessarily need to be... Continue Reading →

How I Ended Up a Woman in Tech

What leads us to the paths we decide to take in life? What led me to become a software engineer compared to so many capable women who don't? My highschool. My college bff. I had a slightly unconventional highschool education; I went to an all girls private school in NJ. Although the programming classes were... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Voice

Practice.  Ok, not so helpful.  You know that to be good at pretty much anything you need to practice.  Let me elaborate. Think back to when someone tried to convince you to join her latest diet endeavor, workout routine, corporate policy change, etc.  However, it seemed like she wasn't even convinced herself that it would... Continue Reading →

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